Music Pedagogy Seminars

Music Activities


By Maria Michalopoulou

Piano teacher, music teacher - Author

Undoubtedly the majority of research on music development focused on preschool age. That stage proennoiologikis thinking, in which the child uses symbols, images and movements to describe the musical concepts of duration, intensity and pitch. Then we find that there are clear similarities between the way that develops the physical reason of the mother tongue in the music education and that should be taught the language of music, early music education. Conclusive research findings led to the following findings: There is marked improvement of the performance of children in various tests, reducing the time required learning, increase IQ by 9 points, consolidation of two hemispheres of the brain for more effective learning while finally provides tranquility hyperactive children.

However analyzing the results arising from the annual monitoring of a course, always on the age and learning abilities of students I can quote figures which prove the beneficial effect of music on which: it is obvious that music has a positive effect on the conformation character, since it affects socialization and creativity of the child. Referring then to the admittedly impact of music on children, we find that they provide: a) Concentration and attention for longer and makes them receptive to learning b) Development of fine motor skills and amfiplefrikotitas, achieving motor coordination of the whole or part of body c) Socialization because the child acts and acts as part of a whole d) Conceptualization, since it may identify, distinguish and classify e) Ability imitation, dramatization statements and interpretation of symbols f) Achieve development of the creative expression of the child, improve memory, dressage voice and urban development of skills. In summary, the contact with the music plays an important role for humans, influencing positively to sensory kinetic, cognitive and social development.


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